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Why Green Vedam?

We are Backed by Nature

We own the farms and produce our own plants!

We are Timely

We ensure happiness reaches you within time!

We Suit Your Pocket

Who said nature is expensive. We are not!

The World Of Happy Plants

Life takes a different meaning when infused with greens. A whiff of joy, a breath of fresh air and a pot full of happiness is what Green Vedam endeavours to bring to your doorstep.

Backed by our lush green farms filled with happily swaying plants, we introduce you to nature and all of its undiscovered diaries. Pick from our all-season Singhoniums, peace-bringing Pothos, decorative Sansevierias, exotic Birds of Paradise and many more.

World of Happy Plants

Our Brand Story

Green Vedam is the one-stop farm for urban gardeners. We deliver healthy and happy plants grown with care and nourished with love, right from our farm to your home!

With plush, far-spreading farms located in Manesar and Pune, we put the woman gardeners at the forefront of planting and farming. Thus, helping the rural women from the adjoining villages generate a healthy living.


What's in Store

A Living Gift

Add more meaning to birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions with a gift that grows, thrives and spreads good vibes every single day. We deliver happiness at the doorstep of your loved ones.


Combination Plants

*Create a happy corner in your living space or office desk with our specially curated combination plants. From the air-purifying plants, cactus and succulents to easy-care options, we have it all under one roof!


Soil and Fertilizers

Give your plants the perfect home with our enriched gardening soils and make them happy with a sprinkle of the right fertiliser. We help you go that extra mile for your beloved plants.


Gardening Tools

Become quite the gardening handyman with our quality tools and accessories. Find the right tool for plant pruning, soil raking or pick out a cute garden decor.



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