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Our Brand Story

Green Vedam is the one-stop farm for urban gardeners. We deliver healthy and happy plants grown with care and nourished with love, right from our farm to your home!

With plush, far-spreading farms located in Manesar and Pune, we put the woman gardeners at the forefront of planting and farming. Thus, helping the rural women from the adjoining villages generate a healthy living.

We are driven by the passion to spread the unparalleled joy of owning a plant and watching it grow. A splash of green foliage can brighten up any living space. Create your Zen corner at home with plants that radiate positive energy, grow your own food in a kitchen corner or send a living gift to your dear ones on their special day. We help you take a step towards clean eating and healthy living.

From the experienced gardeners who know exactly what they are looking for to the novice beginners who are here to test their green thumb, we cater to all your gardening needs. Choose from our range of air-purifying plants, seasonal varieties, garden decor pieces, sun-loving blossoms, and shade-loving greens.

Time to bring your Pinterest boards to life with the flick of a thumb! Let’s go!

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