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2 Layers Lucky Bamboo

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The perfect gift for your loved ones, this 2-layered bamboo plant brings good fortune, positivity and prosperity to any home. Its low maintenance ensures it thrives everywhere, becoming a symbol of everlasting love and emotional wealth.

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The ceramic planters depicted in the product photographs are for representation purposes only. Your plants will be delivered in premium quality plastic planters.

Fun Fact:

2 layers of bamboo is a symbol of love, while doubling your luck in every sphere of your life.

Placement: East or south east

Care Tips

  •  Indirect sunlight
  •  Maintain water level to keep roots submerged
  •  Change water and clean roots regularly
  •  25°C


  •  Avoid direct sun exposure
  •   Gently wipe away dust
  •   Use distilled water


  •  Spray water or mist leaves
  •  Use chlorinated water

Benefits and Uses

  • Enhance love and happiness
  • Brings luck and prosperity
  • Combines the five feng shui elements – fire, water, earth, metal and wood
  • Ensures an abundance of positivity
  • Relieves stress
  • Low maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

How to look after lucky bamboo?

Clean the container and roots regularly, use distilled water, avoid direct sunlight, and maintain the optimal temperature.

Can the lucky bamboo bring bad luck?

No, it can only enhance your atmosphere and infuse it with positivity.

Can you grow lucky bamboo in soil?

Yes, as long as you keep the soil moist without letting the roots get waterlogged.

Green Vedam ensures your life is full of good vibes only with this 2-layer lucky bamboo plant bringing you love and prosperity!

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