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Adenium Plant

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Adenium are desert plants native to the dry areas of Africa. The various Adenium species are plants that can be grown in our climate, either indoors or outside. They produce flowers that are truly spectacular for container grown plants.  

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Fun Fact:

It is a flowering succulent that blooms in vibrant hues of red and pink.

Placement: Place at sunny window sill or balcony

Care Tips

  • Full to partial sunlight is ideal
  • Water moderately
  • Well-drained and nutrient rich soil
  • 18-35°C
  • Use organic fertilisers


  •  Check the moisture before watering
  •   Keep in hot and humid conditions
  •  Use nitrogen and nutrient rich fertilisers during the summer


  • Keep in low temperatures
  • Re-pot until 2 weeks after receiving the plant
  •  Place in low-light conditions

Benefits and Uses

  •  Elevates the aesthetic value of any space
  •  Vibrant flowers
  • Creates a positive vibe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adenium a bonsai?

Although it can look like one, it is not a bonsai.

When should I re-pot my Adenium plant?

Re-pot when the roots start to grow out of the drainage holes.

Why are my Adenium leaves getting yellow?

It can happen if you overwater or expose to too little sunlight.

Green Vedam’s Adenium succulent makes for a gorgeous addition to your home garden. It comes along with several other benefits and helps make for a cosy and colourful ambience!

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