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Agave Lophantha Quadricolor

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Agave Lophantha Quadricolor is also called Goshikibandai, sounds terrific, doesn't it? The plant belongs to the agave family and belongs to the cactus-succulent type. What makes this plant extraordinary is the colour mood it holds. The leaves of the flower bloom like a flower and its petals outshine the green and yellow tint.

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Fun Fact:

The plant in summers illuminates itself with flowers yellow in colour that makes the plant 10x more attractive.

Placement: South placing in the balcony or outdoors 

Care Tips

  • Plant in full sun to light shade
  • Little watering
  • 17-34 C
  • Prefers warm climate
  • Better to grow outdoors
  • Repot often in well-drained soil


  • Plant outside
  • Keep under strong sunlight
  • Repot the newly brought plant
  • Keep the soil dry


  • Overwater
  • Keep in cold temperatures
  • Keep in shade
  • Report often

Benefits and Uses

  • Does not require much watering
  • Adds a subtle look to your balcony
  • Can be planted outside
  • Does not require often repotting
  • Can be propagated by leaves, seeds, offsets and cuttings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does an Agave lophantha get?

12-18 inches

How wide does the plant get?

2 feet wide

What is the bloom time of Agave lophantha quadricolor?


This beautiful agave plant nurtured by Green Vedam is an absolute specimen of beauty dwelling in succulence. The plant blooms like a flower and provides a delightful visual impression smudged in green and yellow. 

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