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Aglaonema Lipstick Self-Watering Pot

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A bright and colourful beauty, the Aglaonema is also called the Chinese evergreen. This drought-tolerant, low maintenance plant is attractive with pink variegation, creating colourful foliage that thrives indoors.

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Fun Fact:

It is one of the easiest plants to take care of, standing out among other foliage plants.

Placement: Well-lit locations with eastern light

Care Tips

  •  Bright indirect or artificial light
  •  Medium watering
  •  Well-drained, fertile soil
  •  16-30°C
  •  Organic fertiliser application monthly
  •  Water when 1-2 inches of topsoil feel dry


  •  Protect foliage from direct sunlight
  •  Water more in summer than winter and monsoon
  •  Loosen topsoil during fertilisation
  •  Re-pot with fresh potting soil and fertiliser when the plant outgrows its pot
  •  Re-pot in the late evening


  •  Disturb the roots while fertilising
  •  Expose to AC vents
  •  Ignore damaged plant parts
  •  Overwater the plant
  •  Re-pot immediately after receiving

Benefits and Uses

  •  Ornamental plant
  •  Landscaping gardening
  •  Indoor plant
  •  Self-watering
  •  Low maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aglaonema an indoor plant?


Is Aglaonema air purifier?


Does Aglaonema require pruning?

Not heavy pruning.

Can Aglaonema grow in water?

Yes, if trained from propagation.

Is Aglaonema poisonous?


Do Aglaonema flower?


Lipstick never looked as good as it does on Green Vedam’s Aglaonema. With gorgeous borders and intricate variegation, this remains one of the most stunning houseplants available!

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