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Aglaonema Dalmatian with Self-watering Pot

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The Aglaonema Dalmatian is a small, indoor plant with colourful foliage. It is commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen plant. This plant is low maintenance and can withstand low-light conditions with much ease. 

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Fun Fact

The name “Aglaonema Dalmatian” is due to the plant’s resemblance to a dalmatian, i.e., spotted appearance.

Placement: Any place with Eastern light exposure

Care Tips

  •  Keep indoors
  •  Bright indirect sunlight
  •  Water-based on the season
  •  16-30°C
  •  Ensure the top half of the soil is not dry
  •  Apply organic fertiliser once a month


  •  Prevent direct heat exposure on foliage
  •  Use a damp cloth to remove dust
  •  Remove dead or infected parts of the plant
  •  Use neem or eucalyptus oil to fend off pests


  •  Overwater
  •  Keep near AC vents
  •  Place in direct, bright sunlight 

Benefits and Uses

  •  NASA recommended air purifier
  •  Perfect as an indoor plant
  •  Adds a pop of colour to any space
  •  Low maintenance 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aglaonema an indoor plant?

Yes, it is an indoor plant.

Is Aglaonema an air purifier?

Yes, it is a NASA approved air purifier.

When should I re-pot?

Report during the late evening, not before 2-3 days of receiving the plant

Get a hold of this beautifully speckled plant with hints of pink to add to your home or office. Reap its benefits through Green Vedum without having to put in a lot of effort in maintenance!

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