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Aglaonema and Dieffenbachia Foliage Combo

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A stunning combo with long leaved foliages, this will make for the perfect addition to your home garden without having to put in too much effort in its care.

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This combo is a perfect touch of nature to your home. They are easy to take care of, and Green Vedam assures its aesthetic value!

Care Tips

Aglaonema Green:

  •  Bright indirect sunlight
  •  Water-based on the season
  •  16-30°C
  •  Apply organic fertiliser once a month


  •  Filtered natural light
  • Water based on how dry the topsoil is. During summers, frequently mist the leaves
  •  18°C - 25°C
  •  Fertilise twice a month

Benefits and Uses

  •  Lush green foliage
  •  Low effort plants
  •  Easy to propogate through stem and leaf cuttings

Watch Out For

  • Make sure they are not exposed to cold temperatures
  • Do no keep in low light or no light conditions
  • Ensure proper fertilisation, it is essential for them to get those nutrients. 
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