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Dieffenbachia amoena

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Aglaonema Silver is a herbaceous perennial evergreen plant from China. They are known for the pretty foliage they have. The green blooming leaf stained with white makes the plant look altogether extraordinary. 

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Fun Fact:

The silver queen is also called painted drop tongue

Placement: Place in the north or east direction window 

Care Tips

  • Bright indirect light
  • Maintain an 18-27 C temperature
  • Keep the soil moist and water according to light exposure, one kept indoors will need less water than one placed outdoors
  • Use well-drained porous soil
  • Fertilise twice a month Repot once every two years 


  • Keep in warm temperatures with high humidity
  • Use a peaty well-drained soil
  • Keep in normal room temperature
  • Water when soil seems dry
  • Fertilise with diluted liquid fertiliser 


  • Expose to colder temperatures
  • Place in direct sun
  • Let the soil dry out
  • Water between early fall to late winter
  • Let children or pets get close to them

Benefits and Uses

  • Can tolerate heavy shade and drought in case you forget to water it
  • Perfect houseplant for your bright windowsill or moderate bright office
  • Attractive foliage
  • Air purifier 

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does an aglaonema silver grow?

4-6 inches long and 2-3 inches wide

When does the plant flower?

The plant flowers between summer to early fall

What are the pests my plant is prone to get?

Bugs in root, aphids, scales and mites 

If you're looking for the best aglaonema variety then this silver queen is the one for you. Green Vedam delivers this sheer specimen of natural beauty in a beautiful eye-catchy pot. 

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