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Aglaonema Snow White with Self-Watering Pot

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Also called the Chinese Evergreen, the aglaonema is one of the most colourful indoor plants. Its snow-white variegated leaves enhance your home’s interiors easily. The contrast of white and green makes this low maintenance plant very popular in every household!

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Fun Fact:

The aglaonema is a NASA-recommend air purifier plant and thrives in all kinds of environments!

Placement: Well-lit locations with eastern light exposure

Care Tips

  • Partial sunlight
  • Moderate watering
  • Well-drained and fertile soil
  • 20-30°C
  • Organic fertiliser monthly
  • Check 2-inches of topsoil before watering


  • Protect the plant from direct sunlight
  • Water more in summer
  •  Loosen the topsoil while fertilising
  •  Re-pot when the plant outgrows its pot
  •  Remove dead or infected parts
  •  Use neem oil to keep pests at bay


  •  Overwater the plant
  •   Let the plant dry out
  •   Place in direct sunlight immediately after re-potting
  •   Expose to AC vents

Benefits and Uses

  •  Landscaping
  •  Air purification
  •  Indoor aesthetics
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Self-watering

Frequently Asked Questions

 How to prune Aglaonema?

 Remove yellow or infected leaves with clean scissors.

 How to propagate Aglaonema plants?

 Seeds. Stem cuttings or taking rooted plants.

 How to grow the Aglaonema plants?

Adequate sunlight, moderate watering, and monthly fertilising ensure plant health, as long as you use well-drained, fertile soil.

Add this variegated beauty to your home with Green Vedam’s help and reap all the benefits of the aglaonema!

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