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Aglonima Green/ Prince

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Aglaonema green is one of the most beloved house plants originating from Chinese lands. The plant requires very little care and outshines its glossy green colour throughout the year. Aglaonema has unique foliage and tends to be the best choice when it comes to decorating your office or home with an extraordinary plant.

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Fun Fact:

Aglaonema is propagated by cuttings and seeds however, the proportion methods are very difficult. The plant grows very slowly making and is amongst the rarest treasures 

Placement: East-facing windows 

Care Tips

  • Place in indirect sunlight
  • 16-32 C
  • Water daily observing the soil
  • Fertilise with liquid mineral fertiliser
  • Sandy and light soil
  • Report when root overgrows the pot


  • Use light and loose soil
  • Maintain a temperature of 20-25 C for optimum growth
  • Water daily
  • Clean the leaves
  • Fertilise every 2 months
  • Report every year in case of minors and once every 3-5 years in case of adults 


  • Shift the temperature now and then
  • Don't overwater and do not water daily in autumn and winter
  • Do not fertilise in winter

Benefits and Uses

  • Adds a visual hypnotism
  • Are manageable
  • Settle well at the room temperature 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of water should I use to water my plant?
Soft, well-settled water with a temperature equals the room temperature

How to prepare the soil mix for my Aglaonema?
Blend in one part each of peat, leafy soil, turf soil and sandy soil.

Is Aglaonema harmful to pets and humans?
Yes, ingesting aglaonema leaves can cause diarrhoea and other problems as they are poisonous 

Green Vedam presents this exceptional evergreen plant raised under care and protection by the team. The plant is a subtle example of natural beauty and illuminates the corner on which it sits. The plant does not bother the viewer but artistically attracts a glimpse. 
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