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Arelia Green

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Arelia Green is a plant suitable for indoors and landscaping. The distinct leaves of an arelia can be lacy, rounded, or spinach shaped and the color of the leaves can be green, white, gold, and cream. The trunks of specimen aralia Plants, thick, woody, and curving are often unique and exotic looking.

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Fun Fact:

The Arelia family is a rather mixed assemblage which botanists struggled with for a long time, trying to determine the genus and species.

Placement: North-facing window 

Care Tips

  •  Partial or indirect sunlight
  •  Medium watering
  •  Peat-based, well-aerated, light soil
  •  20 -30°C
  •  Fertilise every two weeks 


  •  Water when top soil is dry
  •  Remove dead, infected, and damaged parts
  •  Spray Neem, Eucalyptus or Citrus oil for any insect/pest attack
  •  Fertilise with liquid houseplant fertiliser


  • Keeping in dark rooms 
  • Overwater
  • Keep away from AC vents 

Benefits and Uses

  • Eases out burning sensation and pain
  • Helps regulate blood pressure
  • Acts as an antiseptic
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall may the Arelia Green plant grow?

Arelia green can grow to be 6 to 7 feet (2 m.) tall if properly cared.

Can I propagate Arelia Green?

Take green-tip, cuttings from an arelia green in the summer, and pot it in moist soil.

Why is my Arelia Green drying?

Low humidity and inadequate soil moisture.

This Arelia Green from Green Vedam will not only beautify your home and satiate your green thumb, but also help you control the humidity of the room you are in!

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