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Arelia Verigated

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Emerging from the Asian and American subcontinent the plant species is most commonly spotted in mountain regions. The shrub has lovely glossy green and white variegated leaves which are the result of purified sunlight. The tree can be placed everywhere and anywhere. They can help you out with office air purification or decorate your tabletop leaving an exceptional impression.  

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Fun Fact:

The plant is propagated by sheer stem cutting and damping in moist soil. The root comes out shortly in a few days. 

Placement: North-facing office corridors or window sills with indirect bright light

Care Tips

  • Partial shade and direct sunlight for 2-6 hours
  • Plant in clay soil
  • Prefers 15-24 C room temperature
  • Fertilise every 2 weeks
  • Report every year
  • Water once a week 


  • Place someplace where the daylight is showered indirectly
  • Water in limit
  • Use loose moist soil
  • Report when roots have overgrown the pot


  • Overwater
  • Use excessive fertilisers
  • Keep in a completely shady spot 

Benefits and Uses

  • Beneficial for health
  • Purifies air
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Demand seats watering
  • Propagation by easy stem cutting

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop my plant leaves from turning brown?

Stop using fertilisers and water your plant with distilled chemical-free water

What soil PH should I prefer to plant my aralia in?

Acidic soil with a PH of 7.9-8.5

Why does my plant drop its leaves?

It requires more attention and care. Make sure it gets enough sunlight and water with effective fertilisers.

The Aralia Variegated shrub by Green Vedam can be used everywhere from table plants to house corner trees. The tiny looking tree grows 7 feet tall and dwells till it gets enough attention. The plant is a tiny shrub with gorgeous milky leaves that refines the air and form the best office trees

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