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Carmona Jungle

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Carmona Jungle is a fast-growing indoor plant that displays lush foliage of glossy, leaves around a smooth, attractive-looking bark, making it a popular aesthetic plant to buy for indoor spaces. 

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Fun Fact:

Members of the Carmona genus are commonly known as scorpionbush.

Placement: East facing window 

Care Tips

  • Use well drained soil
  • Provide regular sunlight
  • 20°C
  • Water two to three times weekly
  • Use organic fertiliser


  •  Keep the top soil moist
  • Use insecticides for pests
  • Prune at regular intervals
  • Repot every 2 years 


  • Overwater
  • Keep in dark rooms
  • Keep away from pets
  • Avoid pests 

Benefits and Uses

  • Adds aesthetic appeal
  • Treatment of cough
  • Requires low maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Carmona turning yellow?


What is the best time to prune my Carmona plant?

Late winter, early spring.

How often should I repot my Carmona plant?

Repot every 2 years in late spring.

This beautiful Carmona Jungle from Green Vedam has a compact nature with small leaves which just the perfect pick for a novice gardener!

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