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Cryptanthus Plant

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Cryptanthus have rosette-shaped arrangement of the leaves and low habit growths, they are beautiful and incredibly varied plants native to Brazil. Their colors range from dark green to bright pink to red, and they can be banded, spotted, solid, or virtually any other pattern.

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Fun Fact:

They are popularly known as Earth Stars. This name was gives because of the shape of its foliage.

Placement: Indirect sunlight or partial shade

Care Tips

  •  Indoor lighting or filtered sunlight
  •  18-30°C
  •  Water based on the season/temperature
  •  Keep in well drained potting soil
  •  Fertilise during growing season


  •  Use liquid fertiliser only
  •  Water frequently in summer (thrice a week) and sparingly in winters
  •  Ensure the soil used for potting is moist
  • Remove dead flowers and parts


  •  Keep in low light conditions
  •  Overwater
  •  Use additional fertilisers

Benefits and Uses

  •  Has great ornamental value
  •  Thrives in air conditioned rooms as well
  •  Low maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cryptanthus grow in low temperatures?

No, they can not.

How many times should I fertilise during non growing seasons?

Stop using fertilisers during non growing seasons.

Can I water the rosettes as well?

No, do not water the rosettes as it can lead to fungal growth.

Green Vedam brings to you this stunning flowering plant that makes for a great addition to your home garden. Its unique looks along with low effort maintenance make it the perfect houseplant!

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