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Curry Plant

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Native to India, the curry plant grows as a small bush or tree that can reach anywhere from six to 20 feet tall. This low-maintenance evergreen produces fragrant white flowers, which grow into small, black fruits similar to berries. 

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Fun Fact:

The curry leaves offer a citrus-like flavor.

Placement: East or west facing window 

Care Tips

  • Well drained soil
  • Requires sunlight for long durations
  • Nitrogen-rich fertiliser
  • Water regularly 


  •  Protection from frost
  • Use a good potting mix
  • Keep near a sunny window
  • Allow the soil to dry out 


  • Overwatering
  • Keep in dark rooms
  • Use of infertile soil
  • Avoid mites, scale and psyllids

Benefits and Uses

  • Low maintenance plant
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Used in antioxidants
  • Adds an aesthetic appeal

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will can my curry plant grow?

6 to 20 feet tall and 4 to 12 feet wide.

How often do I prune my curry plant?

Prune dead branches regularly.

How do I keep my curry plant away from pests?

Use insecticides. 

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