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Designer Lucky Bamboo with Cocopeat

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Lucky Bamboo plants, also known as Dracena Sanderiana, are indoor plants grown in water and soil. They are the perfect gift for any occasion, signifying wealth, happiness and longevity while being very low maintenance.

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Fun Fact

Lucky bamboo plant is the most common Feng Shui Plant that brings auspiciousness, prosperity, and wealth.

Placement: East corner of your home, table top

Care Tips

  •  Clean the container
  •  Change water every two weeks.
  •  Use filtered or distilled water
  •  Ensure well drained and moist soil.
  •  Keep in indirect light


  •  Avoid the impact of chemicals from tap water
  •  Water only if top soil is dry in case of potted plants.
  •  Avoid bright light


  •  Overwater if potted
  •  Let soil dry up
  •  Keep the plant near draft or AC vent
  •  Use chlorinated water

Benefits and Uses

  •  Natural air purifier
  •  Auspicious
  •  Enhance positive energy and prosperity
  •  Survives in low light
  •  Aesthetic addition to the home
  •  Comes with cocopeat for easy care

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lucky Bamboo an indoor plant?


Is Lucky Bamboo Plant an air purifier?


How to prune Lucky Bamboo Plant?

Cut off the infected leaves or stem.

How to propagate Lucky Bamboo Plant?

Stem cuttings or rooted plants.

Welcome wealth and prosperity into your home with Green Vedum's low maintenance lucky designer bamboo plant!

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