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Dieffenbachia is a perennial herbaceous plant with straight stem, simple and alternate leaves containing white spots and flecks, making it attractive as indoor foliage.

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Fun Fact:

The plant's English names are dumb cane and mother-in-law's tongue!

Placement: East or west facing window 

Care Tips

  • Provide bright indirect sunlight
  • Well drained soil
  • Use of balanced fertiliser
  • Water regularly


  • Keep the top inch of soil moist
  • Provide a humid environment
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after pruning
  • Provide 6-8 hours of sunlight 


  • Overwater
  • Contact with children and pets
  • Keep in low light areas
  • Avoid pests

Benefits and Uses

  • Air purifier
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Adds a touch of beauty
  • Best carbon dioxide absorbing plant

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keeo my Dieffenbachia away from pests?

To eliminate pests, clean your plant with a damp cloth and control the ants in your home.

Why is my Dieffenbachia quickly growing leggy and tall?

Inadequate sunlight.

Why are the leaves of my Dieffenbachia plant are turning brown?


This Dieffenbachia from Green Vedam gives your home a tropical look, adds a touch of beauty and is the ideal choice for purifying the air. 

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