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Dracaena Fragrans

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Dracaena Fragrans is a popular houseplant known for its ornamental value. It is largely due to its stalky stem and long green leaves with a light yellow strip running down the middle.

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Fun Fact:

Dracaena Fragrans is a sub-tropical plant that thrives in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Placement: Place in a balcony with ample morning sunlight

Care Tips

  •  Ideally, it requires bright indirect sunlight
  •  30-20°C
  •  Water based on soil moisture
  •  Keep in well drained soil
  •  Fertilise during growing season


  •  For watering, implement the soak and dry technique
  •  Repot once the plant has outgrown its current pot
  •  Use organic fertilisers


  •  Place in harsh sunlight for prolonged hours
  •  Drench the soil
  •  Keep in very low temperatures

Benefits and Uses

  •  Perfect for ornamental purposes
  •  Highly adaptable
  •  Lush foliage

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dracaena grow in water?

No, it requires rich, well draining soil.

When should I prune my Dracaena plant?

Prune the leaves at the bottom and ones that are infested, damaged, or dead.

Why is my Dracaena plant turning brown?

This usually happens when there is a lack of moisture in the plant due to under-watering or too much air.

Green Vedam’s Dracaena Fragrans is a fantastic for any home garden. Alongside its looks, it has multiple other benefits and helps create a warm ambience for your home!

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