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Echeveria Melaco

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Echeveria Melaco is a striking succulent plant. It is a rosette with glossy, spade-shaped leaves that is easy to maintain and acts as a good addition to your succulents collections.

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The ceramic planters depicted in the product photographs are for representation purposes only. Your plants will be delivered in premium quality plastic planters.

Fun Fact:

This plant shifts colours throughout the seasons. During the colder months- Fall to Spring, it is more plum to chocolate brown alongside bright pink edges and a bright green centre. During Summer, it fades out, making it a dusty salmon, copper or brown.

Placement: Place at a window sill or a balcony that receives ample sunlight

Care Tips

  • 20-40°C
  • Expose to direct sunlight for a few hours in the morning
  • Fertiliser is not a necessity
  • Watering in moderation, based on the temperature and weather
  • Well-drained soil


  •  Keep soil hydrated
  •  Use a nitrogen-rich fertiliser for speedy growth
  •  Provide it with 1-3 hours of direct morning sunlight


  •  Keep in dark rooms
  •  Drench the succulent or overwater
  •  Use too much chemical-based fertilisers
  •  Place near AC vents

Benefits and Uses

  •  Has great aesthetic value
  •  Child and pet friendly
  •  Beautiful flowers and rosettes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is taking care of Echeveria Melaco difficult?

 No, it is a fairly low effort plant.

 Can Echeveria Melaco withstand cold weather?

 No, it can not withstand very low temperatures.

 What happens if I overwater my Echeveria Melaco?

Overwatering can cause the roots to rot and hinder absorption the of water altogether.

Amidst the concrete jungles and chaotic lives we live in, who doesn’t like a touch of greenery in their homes? Green Vedam brings to you this adorable succulent plant that will help you achieve just that while also elevating the aesthetic appeal of your home several notches!

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