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Ficus Compacta

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The Ficus Compacta is a cultivar of the Ficus Benjamin, specially selected for its desirable characteristics. It is a species of fig tree, native to South and Southeast Asia and Australia. The thick shiny evergreen leaves generously cloth the long branches. The dense rounded canopy and gracefully drooping branches make it ideal for bonsai.

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Fun Fact:

Ficus trees maintain their tree-like shape regardless of their size and is ideal for massive houseplants in large spaces.

Placement: South facing window sill

Care Tips

  • Six hours of sunlight
  • Rich, humsy and well-drained soil
  • 25-35°C
  • General-purpose fertiliser diluted to half-strength 


  • Fertilise every three or four weeks
  • Prune in late winter or early spring
  • Mininmal watering


  • Overwater
  • Allow plant to stand in water
  • Keep out of direct sunlight

Benefits and Uses

  •  Effective at cleansing airborne toxins
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Medicinal plant used in Ayurveda
  • Cures disorders like haemorrhoids, respiratory and urinary diseases

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I encourage my ficus to grow?

Water regularly throughout the growing season.

Why is the leaves of my fiscus plant dropping?

Improper watering.

How do I fix overwatering my bonsai tree?

Re-pot the bonsai in well-draining pots to remove excess water.

When feelings find a way to be expressed through gifts, it is thoughtful to pick something that symbolises peace and abundance. The very gorgeous and soothing ficus compacta plant from Green Vedam is the just the right pick for you! 

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