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Ficus I Shape 3in1 Bonsai 30Inch

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This I-shape Ficus bonsai is the perfect addition to your home. Now, imagine all its benefits, but times three with its three parallel stems!

Estimate Delivery Time: 8 days

Fun Fact:

The smallest bonsai can fit in the palm of your hand!

Placement: At a bright window sill

Care Tips

  •  Full to partial sunlight
  •  Moderate watering
  •  Well-drained potting soil with sand and coco peat
  •  20-30°C
  •  Liquid fertiliser every other month


  •  Trim to elongate stem
  •  Re-pot in mid-summer
  •  Prune roots while re-potting


  •  Trim all new growth
  • Apply the full fertiliser dose (only half)

Benefits and Uses

  •  Air purification
  •  Stress reduction
  •  Maintains humidity

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plants are lucky for your home?

Bamboos and bonsais are lucky for your home.

How to care for Ficus Bonsai?

Avoid excess direct sunlight, water as required, and keep the soil hydrated. 

Get the benefits of three rather than just one Ficus bonsai with Green Vedam’s easy to maintain bonsais!

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