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Unique Ficus and Bonsai Duo

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This combo is any gardening connoisseur's dream duo. The ficus and bonsai make for an interesting combination that adds a layer of sophistaction to any space you add them to.

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Take the interior decor of your home several notches higher by adding these stunning plants to your home. Green Vedam helps you elevate your decor while also imbuing positive vibes in your home!

Care Tips

Jade Ball Bonsai:

  •  Can be grown in indoor as well as outdoors in full sunlight
  •  Water every 2-3 weeks • 18-24°C
  •  Fertilise every two weeks

Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai:

  • Requires bright indirect sunlight
  • Water once a week
  • 15-25°C
  • Good fertiliser during summer months  

Benefits and Uses

  •  Adds versatility to you collection
  •  Highly adaptable
  •  Easy to take care of

Watch Out For

  •  Do not add more fertiliser than instructed
  •  Ensure proper drainage of water as water logging can decrease longevity
  •  Do not keep in low light conditions
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