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Golden Money Plant

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This plant is said to draw luck and looks very prosperous with its glossy smooth stem and leaves. What's more incredible are the whitish-pink star-shaped flowers of the plant that blooms in the growing period. Golden pothos is one of the best kinds of money plants due to their rich youthful look. 

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Fun Fact:

The money plant can remain green and grow well even in the complete absence of light!

Placement: Any corner of the room will work

Care Tips

  • Bright indirect sunlight
  • Water when the soil dries out a bit
  • Use natural soil with a balanced PH of 6.5-7
  • Maintain a room temperature of 15- 24 C
  • Repot the plant after growing the roots in a pot
  • Prune in winter


  • Indirect sunlight
  • Water when necessary
  • Keep the room temperature steady
  • Report when necessary in spring or summer
  • Give support to the climber
  • Use organic fertilisers 


  • Overflood the water
  • Use fertiliser
  • Move from extremely low to extremely high temperatures

Benefits and Uses

  • Air purifier
  • The notion that they bring prosperity and good luck
  • Not toxic to pets
  • Can decorate your entire room with fresh sleek leaves
  • Relieves stress and cures sleeplessness 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my golden money plant turning yellow?

Due to nitrogen or sulfur deficiency, try giving your plant some reasonable organic fertilisers

Does the golden money plant flowers?

No, it's the only species that doesn't flower

How tall can the money plant grow?

It can grow up to 12-7 feet 

Gift yourself or your friends the blessing of prosperity and best wishes in the form of this Golden money plant by Green Vedam. The plant retains the ability to cover the whole room and fill in good vibes only. The plant showers the place with calmness and lessens stress moreover, brings positive energy for a beautiful day.

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