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Green Money Plant

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The money plant, also known as pothos or the jade plant, is an evergreen plant auspicious for bringing prosperity and good fortune to your home. The clear glass pot adds to this plant's appeal by providing a unique look.

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The ceramic planters depicted in the product photographs are for representation purposes only. Your plants will be delivered in premium quality plastic planters.

Fun Fact:

The money plant blooms whitish-pink, star-shaped flowers when its conditions are most fertile.

Placement: North entrance to welcome wealth into the home

Care Tips

  •  Indirect sunlight or partial shade
  •  Use 50-150ml of water every 2-3 days depending on pot height
  •  Only water when 2 inches of topsoil feel dry
  •  Mist plant once a week
  •  Fertilise once in 2 months with organic fertiliser
  •  15-30°C


  •   Use filtered water to prevent yellowing
  •   Ensure adequate light to preserve variegation
  •   Water immediately after fertilisation
  •   Water more in summer


  •   Use the same amount of water in winter and monsoon
  •   Overwater or underwater
  •   Expose to AC vents
  •   Re-pot for at least 2 weeks after reception

Benefits and Uses

  •  NASA-recommend air purifier
  •   Thrives in AC and non-AC environments
  •   Very low maintenance
  •   Brings luck according to Feng shui and Vaastu principles
  •   Perfect indoors and outdoors
  •   Gorgeous whether in floor or hanging pot

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Money plant have flowers?

Yes, it has whitish-pink flowers.

How to grow Money plant fast?

Ensure indirect sunlight, fertile soil, moderate watering and bi-monthly fertilisation.

Where to keep Money plant at home?

Keep it out of direct light. Best locations include bedrooms and offices since it purifies the air. You can also keep it at the northern entrance to abide by Vaastu principles.

With Green Vedam’s money plant, you get both air purification and unparalleled aesthetics rolled into one low maintenance beauty!

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