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Haworthia is also called a zebra plant no doubt because of the white straps it has over its sleek green body. The best part about this plant is that it does not have a tinker bell syndrome. The plant does not ask you to give much attention and looks extremely gorgeous when placed on a table in the living room.

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Fun Fact:

When placed in the south or east-facing window, due to continuous bright light the plant pulls out orange and red tints. 

Placement: In the kitchen, tabletop, living room or any other corner to wish to amplify

Care Tips

  • Place in a shady spot with indirect sunlight
  • Water once every week
  • Use fertiliser once every month
  • Repot annually
  • Can survive in 10-27 C room temperature
  • Plant in sandy, well-drained soil
  • Keep the soil PH neutral


  • Keep in the shady windowsill
  • Place in gravelly soil
  • Water once every week Repot when overgrow


  • Overwater
  • Uncover to burning daylight
  • Keep in temperature below 8C 

Benefits and Uses

  • It's animal friendly and therefore preferred by the pet owners
  • Requires the least watering
  • Can be used to decorate indoors
  • Are tiny and makes a perfect corner
  • Do not require reporting unless they have overgrown their existing pot
  • Very low maintenance 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have the leaves of my haworthia turned yellow/brown?

It's a sign of stress, you are either overwatering the plant or the drainage is very slow which is making the soil dampen.

How long does zebra haworthia live?

As it's a slow-growing plant, it lives up to 50-years. That is you get to decorate your house for 50 long years with this adorning buddy of yours.

How tall does a haworthia grow?

3-5 inches tall

Bring home this adorable zebra haworthia offered by Green Vedam today! The tiny little friend of yours will add glories to your table, kitchen or living room. The plant is manageable and you can choose to keep it in your office so that the green tint of the plant showers your office with prosperity. The plant can also work out to be the best gift ever! 

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