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This exotic, tropical plant is known for its vibrant flowers that come in multiple colours. While one would think this beautiful plant is difficult to maintain, that is certainly not the case.

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The ceramic planters depicted in the product photographs are for representation purposes only. Your plants will be delivered in premium quality plastic planters.

Fun Fact:

A little known fact about this plant is that is has several names based on countries. And was named Malaysia's national flower in 1960.

Placement: Keep in a balcony or window with a ton of natural light

Care Tips

  •   Lots of bright sunlight
  •   16-32°C
  •   Water based on the season/temperature
  •   Place in well drained, moist soil is apt
  •   Fertilise during growing season


  •  Ensure 5-6 hours of direct sunlight exposure
  •  Water frequently in summer and less in winters
  •  Fertilise between March and October


  •  Keep in poorly lit conditions
  •  Drown the plant
  •  Use chemical fertilisers

Benefits and Uses

  •  Easy to maintain
  •  Great for home decor
  •  Can easily be propagated

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hibiscus thrive in low temperatures?

No, they can not.

How many times should I fertilise during non growing seasons?

Stop using fertilisers during non growing seasons.

How can a Hibiscus plant be propagated?

With simple stem and leaf cuttings.

Green Vedam gives you a chance to add this vibrant plant in your home and elevate the aesthetic value of any setting!

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