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Hoya Heart

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A thick succulent with leaves shaped like hearts. This climbing succulent can grow up to 4m tall with 7mm stem diameters and 6cm-wide leaves. Adult plants take the romance to another level with up to 25 flowers. 

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Fun Fact

Hoya heart is also called Lucky-heart, Sweetheart Plant, Sweetheart Hoya, Heart Leaf, and Valentine plant.

Placement: Balcony or patio, away from bright light

Care Tips

  •   Avoid dark places
  •  Water only when the top soil has dried completely
  •  Never saturate soil
  •  Fertilise with organic manure twice a year
  •  Re-pot based on new leaf growth
  •  18-30°C


  •  Check soil moisture before watering
  •  Water only when the topsoil is dry to touch
  •  Keep in indirect bright light


  •  Re-pot immediately after receiving it
  •  Overwater
  •  Expose to direct sunlight

Benefits and Uses

  •  Indoor plant.
  •  Aesthetic addition to a home
  •  Ideal for gifting purpose
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Improves air quality

Frequently Asked Questions

When to water Hoya heart?

Water when 3-4 inches of topsoil feel dry to touch.

Is Hoya heart a cactus?


Is Hoya a succulent?


Is Hoya Heart poisonous?


Green Vedum’s Hoya heart is all set to enlighten the heart of all who heartily gets it home!

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