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Ixora Plant

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Ixora is an unusual houseplant and one that attracts attention the moment someone sets foot in your house. Native to Asia, ixora plants are actually small shrubs that grow in subtropical regions. 

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Fun Fact:

The plant’s other names are Jungle Geranium, Flame of the Woods, Jungle Flame, and West Indian Jasmine. 

Placement: South facing window which provides sunlight

Care Tips

  •  Requires bright indirect sunlight
  •  Use liquid fertiliser weekly
  •  Water everyday
  •  Above 15°C 


  •  Provide 8-10 hours of sunlight daily
  •  Keep in semi or low lighted areas
  •  Ensure good airflow
  •  Moist and wet soil throughout


  •  Black sooty mold
  •  Fluctuation in temperatures
  •  Avoid cold temperatures
  •  Keep away from pests and diseases

Benefits and Uses

  •  Used in traditional medicine
  •  Treatment of stomach ache and wounds
  •  Removal of excess oil from pores and tightening them
  •  Adding an aesthetic appeal 

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of the year do flowers of the Ixora plant bloom?

The flowers bloom all throughout the year.

When should I prune my Ixora plant?

Prune your Ixora plant after it blooms, and whenever the plant looks untidy.

What is the right time to propagate my Ixora plant?

To propagate your Ixora plant, take cuttings in the spring.

The beautiful clusters of flowers of Ixora plant from Green Vedam lend an exotic vibe to any living space. Choose this plant which flowers are available in all colors from pink to peech! 

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