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Kamini Table

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With lush foliage and sturdy but compact stature, the Kamini plant adds a lot of character to every garden. Often a supporting plant, the bushes blossom marvellously after pruning, becoming a true sight to behold!

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Fun Fact:

Kamini has various names across the subcontinent, such as Maramulla in Malayalam, Vengarai in Tamil, Kunti in Marathi and Kaadu Karibevu in Kannada.

Placement: Indoors with adequate air circulation

Care Tips

  •  Natural bright light
  •   Moderate watering when 1-2 inches of topsoil feel dry
  •   Increased watering in summer
  •   Well-drained, fertile soil
  •   Use organic fertiliser monthly
  •   16-32°C


  • Ensure 5-6 hours of sunlight
  • Loosen topsoil when applying fertiliser
  • Remove dead or infected plant parts
  • Use citrus, eucalyptus or neem oil to protect against insect attacks


  •  Disturb roots while fertilising
  •  Overwater
  •  Put water directly on the leaves
  •  Re-pot for 2 weeks after reception

Benefits and Uses

  •   Glorious foliage
  •   Gorgeous flowers
  •   Easy maintenance
  •   Compact and perfect as a tabletop plant

Frequently Asked Questions

How to propagate Kamini?

 Seeds or stem-tip cuttings.

 Does Kamini have invasive roots?


 How to grow Kamini from cuttings?

 Select healthy growth with at least three internodes and make a clean cut. Remove leaves on the under-layer of the offset and put the foliage in your potting mix.

 Can you transplant Kamini?

 Yes, you can transplant it between September and December.

 How to prune Kamini?

Prune the top growth to maintain height but do not remove any flower buds.

Add character to your home with Green Vedam’s lush green Kamini table-top plant!

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