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Madhukamini Plant

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I'm the best of all, says the tiny madhukamini plant flaunting its delicate white flower petals. The plant is regional to the Indian subcontinent and China and has some effective traditional medicinal treatments tied with itself.

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Fun Fact:

Madhukamini plant because of its orange-like aroma is also named Orange Jasmine. 

Placement: Keep in places with full sun exposure like a balcony

Care Tips

  • Grow in Loamy, alkaline, clay or humid soil
  • Do not let the soil get soggy
  • Place in sunny window 15-30 C
  • Cut the tips every year to boost up branching
  • Adequate water
  • Fertilise in the growing season
  • Prefers acidic soil PH


  • Expose to full sun
  • Water timely
  • Protect from bees and other insects as the fragrance lure them


  • Keep in shade for a prolonged period
  • Overwater
  • Spray heavy pesticides

Benefits and Uses

  • Used for medicinal purposes like pain reliever and is a natural analgesic
  • Decorative small tree for an aesthetic view
  • The blooming of flowers spreads fragrance all over the room
  • Can be planted both outdoor and indoor for ornamentation of the house One last secret, the flowers of madhukamini are also useful for smoothing the skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Is madhukamini flower edible?

Small amounts can be used in some specific traditional dishes

Does the madhukamini plant give fruit?

Yes, they give fruits that turn blackish when they ripe

Why are my madhukamini flowers not blooming?

Due to drought stress caused by insufficient watering, use of excessive fertilisers or presence of excessive nitrogen in the soil. 

Rich in both fragrance and resemblance this little madhukamini tree raised by Green Vedam is a huge must for your plant collection. You can also gift this tree to your loved ones to keep the scent of fondness alive.  

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