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Mammillaria Prolifera Cactus

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This spine-covered, green globular cactus shares many similarities with others in the Mammillaria family, the primary marker being its resilience. Requiring very little maintenance, this cactus is perfect for adding a little summer surprise to your garden.

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Fun Fact:

The Mammillaria prolifera sprouts white flowers during the summers, earning it the name "Texas Nipple Cactus."

Placement: At south or west-facing windows

Care Tips

  •  22-35°C
  •  4-6 hours of full or partial sunlight
  •  Potassium-rich fertiliser
  •  Watering according to season
  •  Well-drained soil


  •  Propagate without disturbing the roots
  •  Re-pot when it outgrows the pot
  •  Water in the morning
  •  Try to grow it outdoors
  •  Fertilise every 4 weeks


  •  Keep in suffocated or dark rooms
  •  Overwater
  •  Water too much during winter or monsoon
  •  Water the leaves

Benefits and Uses

  •  Ornamental use
  •   Child and pet friendly
  •   Beautiful white flowers in summer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is taking care of Mammillaria prolifera difficult?

 No, it is easy.

 How to propagate prolifera plants?

 With leaf cuttings or seeds.

 What are other names for Mammillaria prolifera?

 It is also called silver cluster cactus or Texas nipple cactus.

Add a splash of resilience to your cactus collection (or, better yet, begin your collection) with Green Vedam’s Mammillaria prolifera, and enjoy its low maintenance benefits!

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