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Multi Head Parodia Warsi

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Multi-head Parodia Warsi is a spiky and ribbed cactus from the genus Parodia. The plant has multiple heads that eventually grows to be around 60cm tall and around 30cm wide. The plant being a cactus loves direct sunlight and multiple heads emerging and sinking back to one body is the beauty of the plant. 

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Fun Fact:

The plant has multiple heads and each of them blooms with a single flower. 

Placement: Balconies or any windowsill with maximum direct bright light exposure 

Care Tips

  • Bright direct and bright indirect light
  • Water once a week
  • Fertilise 2-3 times a year
  • Repot when roots overgrow the pot
  • Sandy well-drained soil
  • Can tolerate 20-35 C temperature 


  • Place them carefully as they have spikes
  • Water once a week
  • Place in indirect to direct bright light
  • Report when necessary Use sandy well-drained soil


  • Overwater
  • Overexpose to bright light
  • Fertilise too much
  • Let bugs eat the plant up

Benefits and Uses

  • Low maintenance
  • Air purifier
  • Blooms and gives a perfect view
  • Can survive outdoors
  • Can be propagated by stem cutting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason behind my cactus getting bleached white?

Too much exposure to bright daylight

Why is my cactus getting yellow pigmentation?

Due to overexposure to the sun try putting your plant into indirect sunlight for some time

What if the heads of my Warsi fall over?

The reason behind this might be insufficient light, water or attack by bugs. 

This cactus with attractive foliage offered by Green Vedam is an absolute wonder. Many of the Warsi heads are fused in one making it one of the rarest plant specimens. You can place this beautiful union at any of your window sills with direct bright light to enjoy the fascinating view.

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