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Neoregelia Bromeliad

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This gorgeous plant adds a natural pop of colour instantly to any space. Neoregelia Bromeliad thrives in tropical conditions, and pests are seldom a problem. Native to the South American rainforests, this plant offers unique foliage with its vibrant violet and pink flowers. 

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Fun Fact

Neoregelia Bromeliad is unique due to its trichome structure. It has very small scales that help absorb as well as trap water.

Placement: In indirect sunlight

Care Tips

  • Water moderately
  •  Keep a foot away from a window with direct sunlight
  •  Well-drained soil
  •  16-30°C
  •  Spray fertiliser onto foliage and moisten top half of soil


  •  Mist and spray with water once every week
  •  Water less during monsoon
  • Re-pot with fresh potting soil and fertiliser once the plant outgrows its pot
  •  Propagate by the stem and root cuttings


  •  Re-pot within 2 weeks of receiving
  •  Leave damaged plant parts unchecked
  •  Expose to AC vents
  •  Overwater the plant

Benefits and Uses

  •  Low maintenance
  •  Decorative plant
  •  Drought-resistant
  •  Can tolerate low-light areas
  •  Thrives all year around

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neoregelia Bromeliad an indoor plant?


Can Neoregelia Bromeliad grow in hot conditions?


Do Neoregelia Bromeliad flower?

Yes, but not frequently.

Add brightness to any setting with the stunning Neoregelia Bromeliad. Green Vedum offers this colourful plant as a houseplant that can amp up the space in an instant!

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