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Indoor Combo Oxicardium and Arelia Verigated

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This combo comprises of two plants with very different foliages, but both manage to add a layer of sophistication to any space you place it in! 

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Green Vedam’s plant combos will certainly be a fabulous addition to your home garden. Alongside its looks, it comes with various other benefits and helps create a cosy ambience!

Care Tips

Oxycardium Plant:

  •  Bright indirect sunlight or partial shade is apt
  •  Water in moderation
  •  Keep in temperatures above 15°C
  •  Fertilise twice a month in growing season

Aralia Variegated:

  •  Bright indirect light
  •  Medium watering
  •  20-30°C
  • Apply an organic, liquid fertiliser every two weeks in spring and summer and monthly in winter and monsoon 

Benefits and Uses

  •  Oxycardium is a NASA accredited air purifying plant
  •  Do just fine in air conditioned spaces
  •  High ornamental value

Watch Out For

  • Ensure the use of organic fertiliser only
  • During repotting, do not disturb the roots, or it might cause issues later
  • Do not overwater the plant as it can cause the leaves to wilt
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