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Pachira single headed

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With its braided stems and leaves that grow in sets of 5, the Pachira single headed makes a great centre piece. It grows in the swamps of Central and South America and is a popular choice as an indoor tree because it is easy to maintain and regulate its growth.

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Fun Fact:

The Pachira single headed or money tree is also famous as the Malabar chestnut - a tall, slender, and majestic indoor plant.

Placement: South or west facing window

Care Tips

  • Bright indirect sunlight
  • Well-drained soil
  • Water once a week
  • Dilute solution for liquid fertiliser
  • 18-21°C


  •  Rotate the plant every time it is watered
  •  Fertilise regularly during spring
  •  Trim dead leaves and stems
  •  Repot every two year


  • Overwater
  • Avoid root rot
  • Keep in dark room
  • Avoid pests

Benefits and Uses

  • Pet-friendly
  • Attracts wealth and good fortune
  • Gorgeous braids
  • Air-Purifier

Frequently Asked Questions

How oftens should I prune my Pachira single headed?

Remove dry or dead leaves all year round, but save any major pruning for the spring and summer months.

Does Pachira single headed require repotting?

every couple years to provide fresh nutrients and encourage new growth.

How tall can Pachira single headed plant grow?

The plant can grow up to eight feet tall indoors.

A symbol of good luck and prosperity, the Pachira single headed plant from Green Vedam is a gorgeous indoor tree that lights up your home!

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