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Peacelily Plant

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Native to tropical regions of the Americas and south-eastern Asia, Spathiphyllum is a genus of approximately 47 species of flowering plants. It blooms beautiful flowers and is the perfect houseplant

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Fun Fact:

Spathiphyllum is also known as "peace lilies" due to its flowers.

Placement: Place near windows with indirect sunlight

Care Tips

  •  Indirect sunlight or partial shade
  •  Water moderately
  •  Rich, loose potting soiled
  •  18-26°C
  •  Use organic fertiliser


  • Check the top 1-2 inches of the soil before watering
  • Mist leaves with neem, citrus or eucalyptus oil to fend off pests
  • Water immediately after fertilising
  • Increase watering in summers and reduce during winter


  •  Expose to direct sunlight
  •   Overwater
  •   Fertilise during winter
  •   Ignore infected, damaged or dead plant parts of the plant

Benefits and Uses

  •  Eliminates indoor air pollutants
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Promotes restful sleep
  •  Great for ornamental purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are peace lilies hard to care for?

 They are not too difficult to care for as long as you ensure frequent-enough feedings, make sure they get the right amount of sunlight, and watering them in moderation.

 How fast do Spathiphyllum grow?

 At a moderate pace, maturing in 3-5 years.

 Can peace lilies grow indoors?

 Yes, they do.

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