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Pedilanthus Golden

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Pedilanthus Golden has a lush foliage with light green leaves. It is a compact, yet striking houseplant complimented by its bright red pot.

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Fun Fact:

Pedilanthus usually, is a non-flowering plant, however, in case it does get flowers, they are gorgeous red blossoms.

Placement: Place at a window with ample sunlight

Care Tips

  •  Direct to partial sunlight is ideal
  •  Water in moderation
  •  15 to 30°C
  •  Well drained potting soil is required for optimal growth


  •  Use well drained, rich soil
  •   Propagate using stem/leaf cuttings
  •   Use organic fertiliser during growing season


  •   Overwater
  •   Keep in dark rooms
  •   Keep in very low temperatures

Benefits and Uses

  •  Low maintenance
  •  Elevates aesthetic appeal
  •  Very adaptable

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I fertilise during non-growing season?

No, only fertilise during growing season.

Is this plant flowering?

And indoor Pedilanthus does not bear flowers.

Can Pedilanthus survive cold temperatures?

No, ensure that it is kept in temperatures over 15°C.

Always make sure your home has good vibes and positive energy. This is rest assured with Green Vedam’s Pedilanthus plant!

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