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Pedilanthus Veriegated

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Pedilanthus Veriegated is a very unusual succulent plant with fleshy white and grey leaves arranged opposite in pairs. It's elongated and elliptic leaves are slightly folded upwards along the midvein, forming a boat-like shape. 

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Fun Fact:

The plant does not blossom ever in its entire time and is still adored because of the blooming leaves it has. 

Placement: Bright indirect light with little shade 

Care Tips

  •  Use well-drained coarse sand for planting
  •  Keep in indirect sunlight
  • Fertilise twice every year with a water-soluble fertiliser Keep the temperature warmer 20-34 C
  •  Repot when plant overgrows 


  •  Fertilise in mid-spring and summer
  •  Keep soil dry in winter
  •  Report when plant overgrows the pot 


  • Overwater
  • Expose it to too much dark
  • Expose to colder temperatures 

Benefits and Uses

  •  Easy to care for
  •  Grows easily if provided nutrients
  •  Settles in easily 

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall will my Pedilanthus Variegated grow?

2-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide

What are some other names of the plant?

Slipper flower, foot-shaped flower, red bird flower and devil’s backbone. What should be the PH of the soil?

6.1-7.8 PH 

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