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Philodendron Birkin

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Philodendron Birkin is an eye catching plant with dark green heart shaped leaves and contrasting white stripes. It is a great addition to you home garden and will take its aesthetic value up several notches.

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The ceramic planters depicted in the product photographs are for representation purposes only. Your plants will be delivered in premium quality plastic planters.

Fun Fact:

Birkin's have not originated from a plant species in the wild. It was a mutation that caused a hybrid, making it extremely unique!

Placement: Windowsills that do not get harsh, direct sunlight

Care Tips

  •  Indirect sunlight or partial shade is ideal for this plant
  •   13-30°C
  •   Ensure you water regularly as Birkin's dry up quickly
  •   Keep in moist, hydrated soil
  •   Fertilise once a month during growing season


  • Use organic fertiliser
  • Water twice a day during summers/winters and once a day during monsoon
  • Repot once the plant has outgrown its pot
  • General potting soil is advised


  •   Let the soil dry
  •   Expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time
  •   Let pets ingest it

Benefits and Uses

  •  Adds great ornamental value
  •  Withstands various conditions
  •  Easy to maintain

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Birkin's grow in lowlight conditions?

Yes, they can.

How many times should I fertilise during non growing seasons?

Fertilise once very 2 months during non-growing seasons.

Why are my Birkin plant’s leaves turning brown?

When the environment lacks moisture, the leaves start to dry out and turn brown.

Green Vedam’s Philodendron Birkin plant will certainly be a fantastic addition to your home garden. Alongside its looks, it has multiple other benefits and helps create a cosy ambience for your home!

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