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Philodendron Green

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This plant is distinct due to its heart-shaped leaves that make for a distinct foliage. It is easy to care for and thrives indoors, making for the perfect houseplant.

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Fun Fact:

Philodendron is a NASA-accredited air purification plant.

Placement: At a sharp, angled corner, near south or east-facing windows.

Care Tips

  •   Bright or indirect sunlight
  •   Water moderately
  •   Ensure well-drained soil
  •   18-30°C
  •   Fertilise using organic fertiliser


  •   Ensure top 1-2 inches of the soil is dry before watering
  •   Loosen topsoil before adding fertiliser
  •   Re-pot when the plant outgrows its current pot
  •   Use neem, citrus or eucalyptus oil to fend off pests
  •   Water immediately after adding fertiliser
  •   Increase watering in summer and reduce it during monsoon


  •   Place in direct sunlight
  •   Overwater
  •   Disturb the roots when adding fertiliser
  •   Neglect infected, damaged or dead plant parts
  •   Re-pot for a minimum of 2 weeks after receiving it

Benefits and Uses

  •  Foliage resembles the shape of a heart
  •   Low effort
  •   Has excellent air purification qualities
  •   Can withstand low-light conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Syngonium a Philodendron?

No, it is not. However, it exhibits similar characteristics during the growth phase.

 How to repot Philodendron?

Choose a larger pot with drainage holes, cover the hole with paper, fill a few inches of soil, remove the plant without disturbing the roots, place it in the new pot's centre, and fill the remainder with soil. Water the plant.

 Is Philodendron Green an indoor plant?

 Yes, it is.

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