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Philodendron Oxycardium Variegated

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The Philodendron Oxycardium is a variegated evergreen climber. Also called heart-lead Philodendron, it is very popular as an indoor houseplant, with its bright glossy leaves and twining stems being the plant’s signature appeal. Flowers, too, may appear (although rarely) on mature plants.

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Fun Fact:

This easy-to-grow plant is native to Central America and the Caribbean. Therefore higher humidity ensures larger leaves.

Placement: Indoors near a south or west-facing window

Care Tips

  •   15°C (Minimum)
  •   Bright filtered or indirect light
  •   Moderate watering
  •   Sandy. well-drained soil
  •   Monthly fertiliser during spring and summer


  •   Reduce watering in monsoon and winter
  •   Pinch trailing stems for bushier growth
  •   Ensure moderate temperatures
  •   Try to grow it outdoors
  •   Keep the soil moist


  •   Keep in full sun
  •   Overwater
  •   Allow the soil to become soggy

Benefits and Uses

  •   Ornamental use
  •   Beautiful foliage
  •   Thrives both indoors and outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Philodendron leaves split?

 They split all year if the plant gets 1-3 hours of sunlight.

 When to plant Philodendron cuttings?

 Plant between February and April.

 Do Philodendrons flower?

 Yes, between April and July. 

This variegated climber is a favourite of Green Vedam’s plant parent community for a reason – it is easy to maintain and gorgeous to look at!

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