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Pyramid 3 Layers Lucky Bamboo

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Bamboo is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity and positive vibes and a perfect gift for any occasion. The 3 layered pyramid symbolises the harmony of elements according to feng shui principles.

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Disclaimer :

The ceramic planters depicted in the product photographs are for representation purposes only. Your plants will be delivered in premium quality plastic planters.

Fun Fact:

This plant promotes upright growth according to feng shui as long as it is placed correctly.

Placement: East corner of the house

Care Tips

  •  Indirect sunlight
  •  Gently wipe leaves to remove dust
  •  Plant in distilled, non-chlorinated water
  •  Keep the roots submerged
  •  Change the water weekly
  •  25°C


  •  Clean the roots of the plant and pot weekly
  •  Use distilled water only.
  •  Re-pot when necessary
  •  Propagate as desired


  •  Overwater if potted
  •  Allow dryness
  •  Expose to draft or AC vent
  •  Overheat with direct sunlight exposure
  •  Use tap water

Benefits and Uses

  •   Purifies air naturally
  •   Ensures positive energy
  •   Promotes prosperity.
  •   Highly adaptive
  •   Aesthetic centrepiece
  •   Low maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Pyramid shaped Bamboo bring luck?


 Is the Pyramid shaped Lucky Bamboo Plant an air purifier?


 Can I prune Pyramid shaped Lucky Bamboo Plant?

 Yes, you can cut off infected leaves or stems.

 How to propagate Pyramid shaped Lucky Bamboo Plant?

 Rooted plants or healthy stalk cuttings.

Allow Green Vedam to ensure harmony, peace and an abundance of prosperity in your life with this pyramid shaped bamboo plant!

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