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Red Anthurium

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This heart-shaped leaf plant has passionate red leaves and has long been used as a talent present. The speciality about the red-pigmented plant is that it turns its colour to red when placed in bright light in cooler temperatures. The plant looks polished and adds a luxurious look to the space.

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Fun Fact:

The red coloured heart-shaped figures are not flowers but leaves called spathes. The teeny tiny flower grows above them.

Placement: Close to south-facing window to boost the plant growth

Care Tips

  • Plant indoors in indirect sunlight
  • Dry out soil before watering in intervals
  • The amount of watering depends on the amount of light it gets
  • 17-33 C
  • Fertilise in summer and spring
  • Report when root grows out


  • Keep them away from kids and pets, their saps might irritate your skin too
  • Keep in bright indirect sunlight
  • Water the plant often if the leaves become droopy
  • Maintain a room temperature above 17 C


  • Expose to bright light
  • Overwater
  • Be surprised when you see roots coming out of stems 

Benefits and Uses

  • Air purifier
  • Blooms all year round
  • Lucky plants
  • Best gift to extend love
  • Demands minimum care
  • Growth depends on light, thus you can alter the growth

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of soil should I use to place the plant in?

Loamy, sandy loam or any soil that locks moisture without getting waterlogged

Why are the stems and roots of my plant rotting?

You must have planted the plant at more than 5cm depth or must have used soil that is not well-drained

How to prepare the plant in winter for a rest period?

Keep the plant at rest at less than 15C with limited watering for 6 weeks so that it can flower abundantly in the successive season.

This exotic red anthurium plant by Green Vedam is an exotic gift to give your loved ones for long-lasting bondage. The plant tends to purify the air and bring good luck to your relationship cause LOVE IS IN THE AIR! 

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