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Red Moon Cactus

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The red moon cactus is also called the ruby ball cactus because of the red round crown it carries. The speciality of this cacti lies in the colourful dome it has with a familiar green bottom and is a typical example of the art of grafting. Two cacti, one of which is Gymnocalycium mihanovichii cactus and the other ordinary cactus species are grafted together to come up with this stunning adorning plant. 

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Fun Fact:

The night-blooming cactus is used as a grafting cactus to form this mutant strain called ruby cactus.

Placement: Table top with indirect sunlight

Care Tips

  • Keep in warm temperature
  • Use dry acidic- neutral properly aerated sand soil
  • Place under indirect exposure to bright light
  • Least watering
  •  25-40 C
  • Repot when the soil gets damped


  • Keep in warmer temperatures
  • Provide partial sunlight Use well-drained sandy soil
  • Water when the soil is entirely dry


  • Overwater
  • Use fertilisers
  • Expose to bright sunlight
  • Graft incompatible species 

Benefits and Uses

  • Adds an aesthetic appeal to that corner where placed
  • Requires minimum water
  • Do not demand fertilisers
  • Resistance to some specific crisis 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ruby cactus poisonous for pets?

No, the cactus is not poisonous however, has some spikes which might hurt

Does a red moon cactus produce chlorophyll?

No, but a red pigment

How tall will my red moon cactus grow?

10 cm long and 3-5 cm wide

Green Vedam presents this ultimate workpiece that demonstrates the science and beauty of grafting. Expand your rare collection with this red moon grafted cactus. 

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