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Rubber Variegated

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Rubber Variegated is a stunning plant that offers a visual contrast between dark green and pinkish-red tones. It’s vibrantly coloured midrib with speckles of beige makes it an excellent way to bring some colour to your interior decor or home garden.

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The ceramic planters depicted in the product photographs are for representation purposes only. Your plants will be delivered in premium quality plastic planters.

Fun Fact:

This plant is a certified air purifier. It helps purify the air by eliminating harmful toxins in it.

Placement: Place near a window for indirect sunlight

Care Tips

  •  Bright indirect sunlight or partial shade is apt
  •  13-32°C
  •  Water once a week
  •  Fertilise three to four times a year
  •  Repot annually


  •  Water in moderation
  •  Use a well balanced fertiliser
  •  Place a pot that is one size bigger than the plant


  •  Keep in direct sunlight
  •  Keep near AC vents
  •  Overwater

Benefits and Uses

  •  Great ornamental value
  •  Air-purifying properties
  •  Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor placements

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a rubber plant survive in low light conditions?

Yes, it can survive. However, it will not thrive in inadequate lighting.

How can I propagate my rubber plant?

Through stem and leaf cuttings.

Why are my rubber plant’s leaves turning yellow?

The leaves turning yellow is a sign of overwatering.

This beautiful plant adds a pop of colour to any setting you place it in and can make your decor look super chic. Turn to Green Vedam to get a hold of it and be rest assured of its multiple advantages benefitting you!

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