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Sansevieria Green Hanni with Self-Watering Pot

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Green Hanni Sansevieria is a compact succulent. The Green Hanni Sansevieria is commonly known as the “dwarf mother in law’s tongue”, taking after the common name “mother in law’s tongue” given to snake plants.

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Fun Fact:

Also known as the “Bird’s Nest Snake plant”, this succulent is a great air purifier that clears out your home of harmful toxins.

Placement: In shade but not complete dark

Care Tips

  •  Water when the soil is completely dehydrated
  •  Steady and indirect sunlight
  •  16-30°C
  •  Propagate before summer starts since that is the best time for it to grow


  • Gentle wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust particles and insects
  •  Re-pot every 2 to 5 years
  •  Propagate through leaf-cutting and roots
  •  Remove dead, infected or damaged plant areas
  •  Water every 14 days or so


  •  Keep around AC vents.
  •  Overwater, especially when the pot has no drainage holes
  •  Re-pot within minimum 2 weeks of purchase 

Benefits and Uses

  •  Absorbs CO2
  •  Creates a stress-free environment
  •  Decorative uses
  •  Purifies toxins 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow Green Hanni Sansevieria?

Keep in indirect sunlight, do not overwater, and ensure it is dust-free.

How to propagate Green Hanni Sansevieria?

You can propagate the plant through leaf cuttings and direct rooting.

Is it an indoor plant?


Is this plant an air purifier?


Amidst the concrete jungles we live in, who doesn’t like a touch of greenery in their homes? Green Vedum brings to you this lush plant that will help you achieve just that!

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