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Sempervivum Arachnoideum

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Sempervivum is a species of flowering succulents that belong to the Crassulaceae family. This evergreen perennial originates from Europe.

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Fun Fact:

Arachnodideum translates to "always alive spider web" due to its appearance and evergreen perennial nature.

Placement: Place in a sunny balcony

Care Tips

  • They require direct sunlight in winters, and indirect sunlight in summers
  • Water once in 7-10 days in summer and 2-3 weeks in winters
  • -10 to 30°C
  • Well drained potting soil is required for optimal growth
  • Use an organic fertiliser once a month


  •  Protect from direct, harsh sunlight
  •  Re-pot once the plant has outgrown the pot
  •  Propagate using stem/leaf cuttings
  •  Follow soak and dry method for watering


  •  Disturb the roots during fertilisation
  •  Overwater as they can rot the roots
  •  Use fertiliser too often
  •  Re-pot for 2 weeks after receiving

Benefits and Uses

  •  Apt for ornamental use
  •  Drought resistant
  •  Pet and child-friendly
  •  Can withstand extremely low temperatures

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sempervivum indoor or outdoor plants?

They can be kept both indoors and outdoors.

 Is Sempervivum a low maintenance plant?

 No, it is not a low maintenance plant and requires you to keep up its optimum conditions.

 Why are my Sempervivum leaves wilting?

 They are likely to wilt as a result of overwatering.

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