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Sempervivum Green Lakshmi Kamal - Succulent Plant

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Sempervivum Green Wheel is a stunning evergreen succulent. It has multiple layers of thick, fleshy, and pointy leaves. And forms a foundation of close knit rosettes, giving it an elegant look.

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The ceramic planters depicted in the product photographs are for representation purposes only. Your plants will be delivered in premium quality plastic planters.

Fun Fact:

Sempervivum is the Latin word for "alive forever". This is representative of this evergreen succulent that survives in a multitude of conditions, making it the prefect houseplant

Placement: Keep in morning sunlight

Care Tips

  •  Prevent harsh sunlight
  •  Ensure you are watering in moderation
  •  -10 to 30°C
  •  Well drained soil that dries out quickly
  •  Fertilisation is not required


  •   Water twice a week
  •   Keep in direct sunlight, but only for a few hours
  •   Re-pot annually in Spring
  •   Remove dead or damaged plant parts
  •   Follow soak and dry method for watering


  •  Keep near AC vents
  •   Use fertiliser as they have enough nutrients of their own
  •   Overwater
  •   Re-pot for 2 weeks after receiving

Benefits and Uses

  •  Apt for ornamental use
  •  Drought resistant
  •  Can withstand air conditioned areas
  •  Can withstand extremely low temperatures

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sempervivum child and pet friendly?

Yes, it is a pet and child friendly succulent plant.

Why are my Sempervivum leaves wilting?

Sempervivum are drought-resistant and react poorly to too much watering.

Is Sempervivum a low maintenance plant?

Yes, it is because it can adapt to and thrive in various conditions.

Green Vedam brings to you this gorgeous succulent so you can add a hint of greenery to your home without putting in a lot of effort!

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