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Star cactus

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Originating from Mexico, this plant is a huge light fanatic and blooms every year in spring. The flowers burst from the middle of the plant and are a mix of vibrant orange and red. The plant sparkles when sunlight falls on it and gives a pearly look to your window sill. 

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Fun Fact:

In spring the flowers turn into berries that are either red, pink, green or greyish.

Placement: Any corner with direct sunlight or under LED plants light. 

Care Tips

  • Plant in a well-drained soil
  • Expose to direct sunlight
  • Fertilise only in the growing season
  • Water when the top of the pot seems dry
  • Repot in 2-4 years
  • Maintain a room temperature of above 20 C


  • Water maximum twice during the entire winter
  • Expose to shade rarely
  •  Keep in temperature above 20 C


  • Fertilise in winter
  • Use poorly damped soil
  • Overwater
  • Keep in less than 7 C

Benefits and Uses

  • Minor Watering
  • Endangered plant species
  • Can be kept anywhere
  • Decorative and appealing
  • Is not toxic

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general measurements of Star Cactus?

1-2 inches tall and 2-6 inches broad

How many sections are there in star-shaped cacti?


What happens to the plant if kept below 7C?

It undergoes a dormant period and does not develop further 

Add some sparkle to your boring office table or sunny windowsill with this dazzling star cactus by Green Vedam. The demanding look the plant gives when touched by sunlight is priceless and will make your life sparkle the same way. You can also glow up the days of your precious ones by gifting them this little twinkle. 

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